Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Danjor Car Rentals located in the terminal?
A: Danjor Car Rentals is located off terminal approximately 2 minutes from the Airport. Shuttle is provided to the office.

Q: How do i find your offices?
A: Our office is located at 34 Queens drive just opposite the Airport.

Q: If you are not in the terminal how easy is it to get to your office?
A: An agent is always at the exit of the arrival terminal with the Danjor sign to meet and greet all of our clients.

Q: What about insurance?
A: If a client is holding a MasterCard World or a Business Executive MasterCard all these cards cover insurance out of the U.S.A . Discover card with the MasterCard logo carries insurance. No other card from the U.S.A carries insurance at this time. If the client is coming from Canada, Mastercard, Visa and American Express gold and platinum all carry insurance. From Eorope no creditcard carries insurance. If the client is not holding any of these cards then the Company's insurance has to be purchased.

Q: Is there a Danjor Office in Kingston?
A: We do not presently have an office in Kingston but we do serve our clients arriving in Kingston.

Q: Has my personal data been shared with any other companies?
A: Unless you have previously provided consent, your personal data has not been shared with any company other than Danjor, its affiliates and licensees for marketing purposes.

Q: Can I enroll in the Danjor Rewards Program Online?
A: Yes. Please click on Rewards Program in the Navigation and follow the link for "Danjor Rewards" Sign Up.

Q: Are taxes included in the rate quoted?
A: The rate response screen will specify what charges (including fees, taxes, and surcharges) are included in your rate quote.

Q: Can I reserve a vehicle for 60 Days or longer?
A: Our site will confirm rental for up to 60 days. If the rental is needed for a longer period contact Danjor Reservations Office for more assistance.

Q: How can I reserve a one-way rental?
A: There are two ways in which you can do this either online or by calling Danjor reservations directly. Just select the Returning Location when filling out the form. Be sure to include your pick-up and return locations so that we can give you the best rate based on the information provided.

Q: Can I modify or cancel my reservation online?
A: Yes. To modify or cancel a reservation click on the View/Modify Existing Reservation link. Simply enter your confirmation number and last name used on the reservation and click continue.

Q: Can a person other than the renter modify or cancel a reservation?
A: Yes, If that person has your confirmation code and the Last name referenced on the reservation.

Q: I made my reservation through a Travel agent can I change it online?
A: Yes. To cancel or change a reservation online, Click on the View/Modify Existing Reservation Link. Simply enter your confirmation number and last name used on the reservation and click continue.

Q: Is LDW included in the rate Quote?
A: No, LDW is not included in the rate Quote.

Q: Is there a penalty to cancel a reservation?
A: Yes. There is a penalty if cancellation is not made within 24 hours of arrival date.

Q: Can I remove seat out of a Danjor Van?
A: Sorry, all seats must remain in the Van.

Q: Can I tow with a Danjor Car?
A: No. Towing is a violation of the rental agreement and is not permitted under any circumstances.

Q: What happens if I return the car late?
A: Vehicles are due back the same time of day as rented, Danjor will provide a 30 minute late grace period at no additional charge. Vehicles returned after the 30 minute grace period will be subject to an additional hour charge and/or an additional day charge.

Q: What if I have a problem with the car?
A: If the problem occurs during office hours Call 940-2679 and an agent will make arrangement for the problem to be dealt with. After normal office hours Call 445-3707 for emergencies.

Q: What is the Policy on off-road driving?
A: Generally, Danjor Vehicles, including 4-wheel drives, are to be operated only on regularly maintained roads.
Off-road use is a violation of the rental agreement.

Q: What happens if I drop the car at a different location than where I indicated?
A: When you change the return location a higher rate may apply. Please contact Danjor Reservations Office for details.

Q: What qualifies as a "weekend" rental?
A: Generally, rentals picked up beginning Noon on Thursday through Noon Sunday qualify for the weekend rate, provided the rental is kept over a Saturday night. There are, however, some exceptions to the Saturday night keep rule and extra day charges do apply for any rental not returned by end of day Monday.

Q: Can I use another person's credit or debit card for payment of my rental?
A: Charge card and debit cards must be in the renter's name.

Q: Can I use more than one credit or debit card to pay for my rental?
A: No, you cannot split charges among different cards.