Jamaica Car Rental and Cornwall Beach

Cornwall Beach is a very popular beach to visit with your Montego Bay car rental. Covered with white powder-like sand, it is a very relaxing and fun place to visit while you are in Jamaica with your car rental. Sports enthusiasts will like this location because there is a lot of underwater life here that you can explore.

Montego Bay is the second-largest city in terms of size and importance in Jamaica, and it is the island's tourism capital. With all that going on, there is sure to be a lot for you to do with your Jamaican car rental. The streets are colorful and vibrant, with an island feel to them. You will get the feeling you are relaxing in the islands, but it is not an elegant town. Its charm and lifestyle are what makes it appealing to tourists.

A younger crowd is drawn here because of the services offered. There is 100 yards of sand behind the St. James Shopping Plaza, with the Bird Watchers Bar built around a very large oak tree. There are places where you can buy snacks and sandwiches while you laze in the sun after a long swim in the ocean. You can plan on spending the day here with your Jamaica Bay car rental.

Crystal clear waters

Montego Bay is a favorite spot for both locals and tourists alike to visit with Jamaica car rentals because of the crystal clear waters that are almost always at a comfortable 78-84 degrees because of the mineral springs that flow into the bay. There is also a large protected marine park here, where you will find many aquatic animals hanging out as you glide over them in your snorkel gear.

Coming to Cornwall Beach is a good experience because there is just about everything you may need here: there are cabanas to change in, water toys, a bar, and a cafeteria. On Saturdays there is a Jonkanoo Beach Party where you can dance under the moonlight or put a bet on the goat and donkey races.

One of the favorite bathing spots, Doctor's Cove Beach, is a popular place to visit with your Montego Bay car rental. It was at one time a small cave which doctors first discovered in 1906, but it was later destroyed by a hurricane in 1932. Today, you can park your Montego Bay car rental here and relax in the waters that were once thought to be healing.

Where to find the beach

Cornwall beach is found on the western coast of Jamaica near Montego Bay with your Jamaica car rental. It is only 0.1 miles from the Wexford Hotel, which is in an area of Jamaica known as the Hip Strip. This part of Jamaica always has something going on, from, the beach during the day to the clubs at night. It is a place to truly have a lot of fun in Jamaica with your Montego car rental.