Jamaica Car Rental and Pier One on the Waterfront

Near the center of Montego Bay with your Jamaica car rental is Pier One, home to many boats and luxury yachts as well as the headquarters for the Montego Marine Park and the Pier One Restaurant & Bar.

An underwater world

The Montego Bay Marine Park is here to protect the bay's ecosystem for Jamaica and the world. You can experience this underwater habitat when you come with your Montego Bay car rental.

The easiest way to see the marine park is to snorkel. Like diving, you will get an up-close view of the marine life and you will go home in your Jamaica car rental feeling good about your day. Best of all, snorkeling doesn't require much equipment, and all you need to know is how to swim. Besides, while diving is an amazing experience on its own, a lot of interesting marine life can be found in only 5 feet of water. There are five excellent places to get some snorkeling around here with your Jamaica car rental:

  • Airport North & White House
  • Buccaneer Beach
  • Doctor's Cave Beach - good for beginners
  • Seawinds Peninsula
  • Unity Hall

If you do not feel comfortable being in the water or under the water, then take a boat tour of the marine park. There are many chartered boats in the area that will be able to take you out over the park as well as give you more information about some of the species below the water.

Jamaican food

One of the great things about coming to Jamaica is the opportunity to have some of the best food in the Caribbean. Pier One Restaurant & bar gives you the opportunity to enjoy some of this great food while sitting over the ocean when you come here with your Montego Bay car rental. Whether it is jerk chicken, roti, or just a rum punch that you crave, you will love the food here. There are also a number of other restaurants on the island, from Chinese to American. Even the most picky eater will find something here.

Montego Bay has so much to offer tourists with a Jamaica car rental when visiting the country's second largest city. New and interesting favorites are always popping up, and the classic spots to visit are comfortable to visit with your Montego Bay car rental. If you are open to new cultures, food, and experiences, then Pier One is the place to start here in Montego Bay with your Jamaica car rental.

Pier One has a lot to offer visitors in introducing you to the culture of the island while you are visiting with your Montego Bay car rental.