Jamaica Car Rental and Sam Sharpe Square

The central feature of Montego Bay is Sam Sharpe Square, a slave and Baptist deacon who was an advocate for passive resistance to force planters to comply with emancipation. Sharpe was hanged in this square, which was at that time named Charles Square. Today there are many places to shop and eat here when you visit with your Jamaica car rental. One of the features is the Cage, which was once used as a jail.

A national hero

Sam Sharpe is known as a national hero now. He was born in 1801 in the country where he was a slave for his entire life. He was highly respected by fellow slaves because he was afforded a good education. He became a well-known preacher and leader. When Sharpe believed that emancipation had been granted by the British Parliament, he organized a peaceful protest across the estates of western Jamaica during one of the most critical periods, the harvest of the sugar cane. The rebellion began on Christmas 1831 at the Kensington Estate. When the owners acted against the rebels, they burned the crops but did not attack the white population. The rebellion was put down by the militia within two weeks and many of the ringleaders were hanged in 1832. Even though Sharpe was executed, the event caused an inquiry which lead to the abolition of slavery in the British Empire. When you visit here with your Montego Bay car rental you can learn more about this great man.

The Cage

There is what is known as the Cage on the northeast corner. This former jail can be seen when you visit with your Jamaica car rental. This was once used to house runaway slaves. The other highlight of the square is the Museum of St. James traces the history of the island, starting with pre-Columbian times when you visit with your Montego Bay car rental.

Getting around Montego Bay

Getting around Montego Bay with your Jamaica car rental is easy, but you need to be careful when visiting. In recent years tourists have been harassed at times by hustlers, although the situation is improving. Keep an eye out for people who try to approach you in the streets.

The good thing about Montego Bay is that there are a lot of choices for hotels and accommodations, including some of the most exclusive resorts in the country. There are beaches, golf courses, shopping centers, and much more to explore with your Montego Bay car rental. The appealing blue of the sea is a major draw for tourists to come here, along with the white sandy beaches. There is also an underwater protected marine park in the area, which makes a great location for snor