Jamaica Car Rental and Glistening Waters Marina and Restaurant

If you can manage to spend a few hours away from the busy streets of Montego Bay during your upcoming trip, Danjor Jamaica Car Rental highly recommends heading east to Falmouth. Located just minutes away from the main Montego Bay tourist area, this city features one of Jamaica's most distinguishing landmarks: the Luminous Lagoon. A truly natural wonder, this naturally occurring lagoon is situated at the heart of the Glistening Waters Marina and Restaurant. A fan favorite for both residents and travelers, Glistening Waters provides patrons with good fun and great friends. No night is ever "normal" at Glistening Waters, so what's holding you back? From mouthwatering meals to mesmerizing views, you'll find it all at Falmouth and Glistening Waters.

A Watery Illumination

The Luminous Lagoon at Glistening Waters is truly a unique tourist attraction. Located just outside the restaurant, this lagoon is best known for it's unique glowing appearance. Customers of Danjor Jamaica Car Rentals are sure to be mystified by this strange phenomenon, but don't worry - it's easily explained! Millions of microscopic dinoflagellates (scientifically referred to as pyridium bahamene) make their home inside the lagoon, emitting a bioluminescence. The water of the lagoon further reflects this glow, illuminating the waters with a ghostly sheen. Customers of Danjor Jamaica Car Rental are encouraged to visit the lagoon once the sun has set in order to get the full experience. Words fail to describe this unique natural phenomenon, so be sure to stop by and see it for yourself.

Ahoy! Fishing and friends at the Glistening Waters Marina

If you're looking to enjoy some fun out on the water during your upcoming Danjor Jamaica Car Rental vacation, look no further than the Glistening Waters Marina. This small, personal marina is a great choice for tourists interested in exploring the world of deep-sea fishing. Whether you're a professional angler, or simply looking to learn a few tricks of the trade, you're sure to find a capable captain at Glistening Waters. Boats are available for charter at the marina daily, so don't be afraid to stop in and reserve you're trip today. Who knows - maybe you'll be the next person to net a huge catch! Customers of Danjor Jamaica Car Rental are encouraged to fish for marlin or tuna. Travelers are also encouraged to charter the legendary Baltimore Patriot III yacht for weddings, anniversaries and corporate parties. This beautiful boat, which was featured in the Hollywood smash Enemy of the State, is now docked at Glistening Waters and available to the public for special occasions. For more information, please call 1-888-991-9901.

Satisfy your Cravings: We've got a meal for you

The Glistening Waters Restaurant is a definite must-visit for customers of Danjor Jamaica Car Rental. Located right on the waterfront of the spectacular Luminous Lagoon, this restaurant features a fine selection of authentic Caribbean cuisine. From prime cuts of steak to succulent seafood entrées, the Glistening Waters Restaurant has something for everyone in your Danjor Jamaica Car Rental crew. Popular dishes including the Trelawney Steamed Fish, the Caribe Curried Shrimp and the Key West Conch. The Glistening Waters Restaurant also features a different type of live entertainment every night, providing visitors with an enjoyable dining atmosphere. Popular acts include local reggae singers and groups, steel bands and calypso bands. Customers of Danjor Jamaica Car Rental are also encouraged to stop by the Glistening Waters Sports Bar for all the latest scores and highlights. The bar is equipped with a big screen television and a full-service bar.

There's always plenty to see and do at the Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina, so don't miss your chance to head over and check it out during your upcoming vacation. To learn more about Glistening Waters and the surrounding amenities please feel free to log onto the official Glistening Waters Restaurant and Marina website at www.glisteningwaters.com.