Jamaica Car Rental and Rose Hall Great House

The Rose Hall Great House is where Annie Palmer once lived. Who is this woman? To get the full picture, you will need to visit with your Montego Bay car rental. But the story behind Annie can be appreciated before you pull up in your Jamaica car rental.

A haunting

AS you will learn when you visit with your Jamaica car rental, Annie Palmer lived in the 1700s, owning a vast sugar plantation with her husband. She came from France a small woman, said to be barely four feet tall. The early years of her arrival on the island are not well-known. When she came to Rose Hall, it is unknown whether there was already a lot of cruelty here or if it was cultivated by Palmer. It is said that Palmer did not like life on the island and she longed for the bright lights of Paris.

Annie was feared by the slaves who worked and lived on the plantation because she ruled with an iron fist. She was not afraid of public whippings, torture, or even death. Maybe she was bored, but she would give orders from the balcony, including punishment and death. Annie would also take some of the slaves to her bedroom and became a mistress. If a man was chosen by Annie, his days were numbered. When she tired of these lovers, she would have him killed and buried in an unmarked grave. Not much is known about Annie's first husband, except that he was killed in bed as well. In lawless times such as these, not much attention was paid to the murder.

After the death of her husband, Annie did not try to change her image, but instead cultivated it to keep her from being an easy target. To keep away the hardships that a widow could face, she turned to voodoo. Many of her slaves practiced it, and taught Annie in order to live longer.

As you will discover when you visit with your Montego Bay car rental, Annie became known as the "White Witch of Jamaica". Annie would keep her fortune from being plundered by pirates and other evil-doers. She also had time to find two more husbands, who also disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

Annie had an overseer, whom she did not know was a powerful Voodoo practitioner. He managed to keep this hidden from her, and when Annie lusted after his daughter's fiancée there was a price to pay. Annie killed the young man that night rather than play with him for a week, and the Overseer had to kill Annie.

The Overseer prepared a special grave in the woods, within sight of the great house, with Voodoo rituals and markings. He then went into the Great House and confronted Annie and was successful in killing her. The slaves failed to complete the ritual that was supposed to keep Annie in her grave, and she is said to roam the plantation to this day.

Visiting Rose Hall

When you come here with you Jamaica car rental, you can take a tour of the haunted mansion to learn more about this interesting and twisted woman. Although some may be fiction, a good ghost story is always a lot of fun and worth the trip with your Montego Bay car rental.