Jamaica Car Rental and the Croydon Plantation Tour

Nestled into the cool foothills of the Catadupa Mountains you'll find one of Jamaica's most historically significant sites. Known as the Croydon Plantation, this beautiful estate was the birthplace of one of Jamaica's national heroes, Samuel Sharpe. A key player in the 1833 Abolition of Slavery, Samuel Sharpe spent most of his life as a slave on the plantations of western Jamaica. Customers of Danjor Jamaica Car Rental are invited to relive Sam's struggles with a visit to the place of his birth and original enslavement. Visitors to the plantation will enjoy a leisurely stroll through man-made manicured marvels, including everything from pineapple groves to sugarcane fields. This prize-winning plantation has long been a source of pride for locals, so why not stop in and see what all the excitement is about? If you're looking to see more than beaches during your upcoming trip to Montego Bay, the Croydon Plantation Tour is definitely for you.

Capture the true spirit of Jamaica with a visit to the interior

The Croydon Plantation is located in Jamaica's interior, just a short drive from the tourist capital of Montego Bay. Danjor Jamaica Car Rental customers will see a number of beautiful sites on the drive to the plantation and during the tour. From the majestic mountains and foothills to the towering tropical trees, you won't be able to contain your excitement. Lush vegetation, wild flowers and trickling waterfalls are all apart of the landscape in and around the Croydon Plantation, so don't forget that camera. Beautiful photo opportunities await you around every corner. Customers of Danjor Jamaica Car Rental can also uncover a number of panoramic views while walking the plantation, so be sure to stop and soak in the sights. The Croydon Plantation is nestled into the foothills of the Catadupa Mountains providing visitors with a breathtaking look at the native flora and vegetation.

Savor the Aromas

Participants on the Croydon Plantation Tour are invited to sample a number of Jamaica's finest exports. From citrus to sugarcane, the Croydon Plantation features a wide variety of tasty treats perfect for sampling. Customers of Danjor Jamaica Car Rental are invited to look behind the scenes of the coffee trade in Jamaica with a tour through the Croydon Plantation coffee groves. A tour guide will explain the tricks of the trade, as well as demonstrating cultivation techniques and processes. Tour participants will also be invited to view the different varieties of pineapples and citrus grown on the property. If you start to feel a little famished during the tour, don't worry. Customers of Danjor Jamaica Car Rental are invited to nibble on a piece of sugar cane during the tour process. Samples of exotic fruits are also provided for your pleasure. Tours of the Croydon Plantation also include a delicious barbequed lunch, served alongside the world famous Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee.

The Birth Place of Samuel Sharpe

Samuel Sharpe is widely recognized as a national hero in Jamaica. A slave throughout his life, Sam was highly respected by slaves throughout the islands. Sam was also well educated and a well-known preacher. A Deacon at the Burchell Baptist Church in Montego Bay, Sharpe would eventually become an instrumental player in the British Empire's abolitionist movement. Sharpe organized what a peaceful slave rebellion across many estates in western Jamaica during the critical sugarcane harvest period of 1831. This strike led to the Christmas Rebellion at the Kensington Estate. Rebels would eventually resort to burning crops, but the slaves never attempt to attack the white population. Sharpe was hanged for his role in the revolt in 1832. In 1975, the government declared Sharpe a National Hero.

If you'd like to learn, more about the history of Jamaica during your upcoming Danjor Car Rental please feel free to log onto the official Croydon Plantation Tour website - www.croydonplantation.com. Potential visitors can also call 1-876-979-8267 to reserve a tool time.