Jamaica Car Rental and Montego Bay Marine Park

If you're looking to have a great time without breaking the bank when on your vacation with your Jamaica car rental company Danjor Car Rentals, why don't you go and visit the Montego Bay Marine Park? The Montego Bay Marine Park is not a theme park but an area of coastal waters that are protected (the habitat and all species in the area) under national law. Located within the Yosemite National Park (or the Great Barrier Reef as it's more commonly known as), the Montego Bay Marine Park strives to protect and manage the natural resources of this area. The Montego Bay Marin Park achieves this through scientific monitoring, enforcement of park regulations, and outreach programs. The best part of Montego Bay Marine Park is that it charges no entrance fee; it's completely FREE (although donations are welcome)!

Things to do in Montego Bay Marine Park when with your Jamaica car rental...

  • Snorkeling - using only a simple mask, plastic fins and a snorkel, snorkeling is fairly easy as swimmers can begin to see marine life in shallow waters 5 meters away. Enjoyed by many vacationers who wish to view the beautiful underwater world, snorkeling is much more accessible then scuba diving as it is much lower in cost. Take your pick of taking a small snorkel boat (carrying capacity of 5) or a larger one (which can carry up to 50 passengers). It really depends on what type of experience you want when snorkeling, especially if it's your first time. When underwater, you probably will be tempted to touch the sea creatures you may come across. Just remember that most creatures that you will see on the sea floor are delicate (and alive for that matter) so please do handle with care. Also be aware of any oils or creams on your hands (ex. sunscreen) as they are toxic to certain types of marine species. Most important of all protect yourself, some animals can sting you so make sure you fully understand and read the regulations & responsible behaviors that will be provided when you begin your underwater outing with your Jamaica car rental company, Danjor Car Rentals.
  • Scuba Diving - This is definitely something you must try when you travel with you Jamaica car rental company Danjor Car Rentals. Scuba stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. Scuba diving is one of the best ways to enjoy an underwater exploration and as long as you obey the regulations and responsible behavior it has little impact on the marine environment, New and experienced divers are all welcome. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime. Begin your underwater adventure today with your Jamaica car rental Danjor Car Rentals today!
  • Catch and Release Fly Fishing - This is a fairly new activity in Montego Bay Marine Park and is not yet available. This program is still experimental but has been met with great enthusiasm. The entire concept is allowing for the same fish to be caught over and over again, making the fish more valuable alive then dead. With proper instructions, fly fishing has little impact on the health of the fish caught. Implementing this permanently into a tourist activity seems very promising.

With all these exciting activities, what are you waiting for? Begin planning for your Montego Bay vacation today with the Jamaica car rental company Danjor Car Rentals!

Montego Bay Marine Park

Pier 1, Howard Cooke Blv.
Montego Bay, St. James
Jamaica, West Indies
Phone: 1 (876) 952 - 5619
Fax: 1 (876) 940 - 0659
Please visit the official website of Montego Bar Marine Park at http://www.mbmp.org/ for more information.