Jamaica Car Rental and Doctors Cave Beach

Doctors Cave Beach got its start as a popular attraction when in 1906, a doctor by the name of Alexander James McCatty donated his beach property to a bathing club in Montego Bay. The property included a cave that was a hit with the beach-goers. The beach got its name because the people who used it were mostly from the medical profession, but had to get through the cave to get to the beach. Today it is still a popular destination for tourists and locals with Montego Bay car rentals.

Although the name remains, the cave is gone due to a hurricane in 1932. The water here is still beautiful, usually in the high 70s from a run-off in the mountains. In the 1920s, there was a lot of sensationalism over the beach because an article was published saying that the beach had curative powers that would restore people to good health. Some people still come here with their Jamaica car rentals because of this myth. The myth did help boost tourism in the area, with hotels popping out of nowhere.

What you can expect

When you visit the beach these days with your Montego Bay car rental you will see that the facilities have greatly improved since the early years. There are changing rooms, showers, and bathrooms here, as well as a beautiful entrance, offices, and a gift shop. You can buy snacks and drinks here, or bring along a picnic in your Jamaica car rental. Best of all, the waters that were once thought to have so much power are as beautiful as ever: translucent blue and buoyant.

Staying in paradise

For an unforgettable vacation with your Montego Bay car rental you may also want to stay at Doctors Cave Beach Hotel, a small resort that looks as if it is out of a storybook. The hotel is in a secluded area, but is conveniently located in the second-largest city in Jamaica: Montego Bay. Here, you will be close to all of the fun with your Jamaica car rental, but have privacy.

The resort offers modern accommodations with an attentive staff that is here to make your stay as comfortable as possible. They believe in old-world charm and have an old-world attitude about service. The personal touch is important to catering to your needs to make your stay here as comfortable as possible. And the cuisine is known throughout the island (in a good way!). After eating at the restaurant, you can make your way to the Grotto Bar for a drink, or head into town for the evening with your Jamaica car rental.

For an unforgettable holiday here with your Montego Bay car rental all you need is a great beach like Doctors Cave, an unforgettable hotel, and memories that will last you a lifetime, or until you come back. Let the waters of Doctors Cave relax you and work their magic touch.